Housing Association

Customer Service Centre review

Over the 18 months the Service Centre had been in operation, year on year costs, inbound call volumes, customer waiting times and abandoned calls had all increased in contrast to the original vision and objectives for the Service Centre of which only 3 from 10 had been delivered. In addition, first call resolution figures were consistently below target and team morale was at an all time low. New Housing

We were appointed to conduct an independant on site review to assess the performance of the CSC with the objective of finding opportunities and providing recommendatons to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction (both internal and external) and the service offering to the wider business. The review covered all aspects of people, product, process and technology and included key areas around;

  • Service centre structure
  • Performance management
  • Forecasting and rostering of staff
  • Management information and reporting
  • Internal communications
  • Costs and efficiencies
  • Processes
  • Customer satisfaction and the customer experience
  • Call quality and outcomes
  • Recruitment, training and attrition

From the review, we were able to identify, quantify and prioritise by cost and impact to both the Customer Service Centre and the wider organisation 18 recommendations and 21 areas for improvement.