Coaching packages

We’re flexible and happy to work in a way that suits you best. We can;

  • create a bespoke package specifically to suit your organisation
  • complete adhoc projects or solve specific problems
  • supply ready made coaching packages in 3 levels outlined below

Level 1 is recommended for businesses who want to introduce and set up a formal measure of customer satisfaction, understand their customer experience and the priorities to focus on for improvement. From £495 per month.

Level 2 is more intensive and includes additional coaching time, customer journey mapping and a customer experience boot camp* for employees. From £795 per month.

Level 3 is recommended for businesses who want to review and improve an existing customer experience strategy and build for further success. From £995 per month.

 Packaged options are all 12 months in duration.

*For details on our Customer Experience Boot Camps, please click here