Financial Services

The client had identified significant growth opportunities over the next 2 -3 year period and already serviced existing clients at both corporate and end user level to a high degree of perceived customer satisfaction. Credit-card

The request was to help them identify ways to ‘future proof’ their levels of service through their growth period by identifying opportunities and best practices that they could use over the coming months to ensure their levels of customer service remained at the consistent level that clients expected, with further opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and the customer experience.

From an initial 2 day on site review which included;

  • Speaking to key individuals
  • looking at data and reporting
  • Reviewing key customer processes
  • Listening to both live and recorded calls

From this we were able to identify 22 opportunity areas which after reviewing this with the management team, we proposed an action plan to support the delivery of a number of the key opportunities over the following 12 month period. This included;

  • Delivery of a ‘defining vision, values and behaviours’ workshop for use with employees
  • Customer service training
  • Development and launch of both client and end user customer satisfaction measures.
  • Advice and support on improving the customer experience


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