What customers say

“Taking hold of the lessons in Richard’s book has transformed the way we do business. Having a self critical system and analytical outlook allows us to see things from the customers perspective.

Mike Designs

We have been started on a journey to a more positive, less vague outlook on how we must appear to our customers. In particular found the process mapping work helpful which has formed the basis of our project documentation that goes out to design clients.

On the strength of the material in his book we made contact with Richard to discuss a few points covered in it. This grew into a consultation in which Richard looked at our processes first hand and discussed the most pressing issues that we had. We found him to be insightful and challenging on our processes and the positions that we had on customer service. Having now had Richard’s help to review our processes and documentation we are in a much stronger and confident position.”

Mike Munt

Mike Designs | Illustration | Graphic Design


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