An open invitation to Starbucks..

I visited your Leeds store on the Headrow today for a meeting with a friend of mine and he picked the location as he lives in Leeds so it was great for convenience. We spent about 90 minutes in there and both had two drinks. Service was ok, product good and we didn’t have a problem. But it wasn’t a great experience which is why I’m writing.Starbucks

I just completed your online feedback survey and from the language in the questions I believe you want to deliver a great experience, one that stands out, one that people remember that makes their day and even uplifts your customers but to be honest, something somewhere today at least got ‘lost in translation’ in your Leeds shop.

Interestingly, I also tried to call your customer care line but only got a voice mail with a request to call back. To be honest, that’s just too much effort. Why not add an option to leave a number to get a call back?

Most people wouldn’t have even called but they would have voted with their feet and maybe gone somewhere else for their tea or coffee. I’m sure you’ve got many loyal customers but you could have many more. I help businesses improve their customer experience. Like the ‘Hotel Inspector’ but  for customer experience instead.

I’d be happy to help if you want to drop me a note or give me a call.

Many thanks,


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