Customer satisfaction measurement

Customer satisfaction is a business critical measure to understand and we can help.

The benefits to you; 

  • Increased sales and bottom line growth by improving customer satisfaction and creating a better customer experience.
  • Improved customer retention – it costs more to find a new customer than keep an existing one (5 – 15 times more on average)
  • Attract new customers by differentiating your business on great service
  • Improve the motivation and effectiveness of your team through customer feedback
  • Target specific actions for improvement in the right areas to ensure a tangible return on investment that makes a difference to both your business and your customers

What we offer;

  • Questionnaire design and creation
  • Review of existing questionnaires
  • Web survey set up and delivery
  • Satisfaction and importance measurement
  • Net promoter score and customer effort score
  • All data collection, reminders and follow ups
  • Alerts on ‘at risk’ customers likely to defect
  • Analysis and insight
  • Recommendations on improvement areas
  • Both relationship and satisfaction tracking surveys

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