Everybody loves a queue..

queueI’m not a fan of shopping at the best of times, so when I have to do it, I want to be in, out and done with military precision so I can spend time doing something far more favorable. On this particular weekend visit to this national pet store chain, we only wanted one thing so my perception was that this shouldn’t be too onerous or time consuming. However, this  particular branch has previous form for crimes against the customer – notably a distinct lack of till operators which result from personal experience in unnecessary queues. Maybe I’m biased but it’s not rocket science is it? – give customers what they want, quickly, efficiently and without wasting their time or money and then let them get on their way. Excessive queuing contradicts this law of customer experience and ignores the impact of the cognitive ‘recency bias’ (the tendency to weigh recent events more than earlier events). Out of the last 3 times I’ve been to the store, the situation has been exactly the same. One lone person manning the tills, who becomes increasing uneasy at the growing queue of customers. On this visit, they even rang their ‘I need some help’ bell twice and still no one came. It’s frustrating for everyone concerned so why allow it to happen? Interestingly, on the company’s website, the banner strap line says ‘where pets come first’. I’m sure they do, but pets have owners, and it’s the owners that spend the money isn’t it?  Think I’ll wait in the car next time..

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