Services we offer

Total or part review of your customer experience/voice of the customer programme, including data and results to identify areas for improvement and optimisation.


  • ‘‘What’s it really like to be a customer?’ – looking through the lens of the customer versus the lens of the organisation
  • Understanding your customers’ behaviour and how you make your customers feel
  • Customer journey mapping and a review of actual customer experience at ‘moments of truth’
  • Customer experience modelling – looking at how a particular business process impacts the customer
  • Identify priorities for improvement using action planning tools
  • Customer and employee feedback and communication review
  • Process design for a great customer experience
  • Review of customer effort – does it outweigh value?
  • Review of customer experience risks – in implementing new products or revised processes
  • Survey design review including rating scales, question wording and eliminating bias in your results
  • Understanding Customer lifetime value
  • Customer segmentation and prioritisation
  • Customer master classes – ‘Think like a customer’
  • Customer experience coaching action planning meetings
  • Review of multichannel customer feedback and findings
  • Ownership, accountability and commitment barometer
  • Setting up a customer forum
  • Tracking tangible improvements and traction with customer dashboards