Want pizza delivery? Get frustrated instead..

We decided to treat the kids the other night for tea and given we’d recently received  a flyer through the letter box for 50% off online orders from Dominoes, the deal was done for pizza. Given I was just having a glass of wine we thought we’d opt to get the pizzas delivered. Dominos_pizza_logo.svg

When you go on their website, the first thing you do is enter your postcode and the site then locates your nearest outlet. There’s 4 steps to the order process which is what you would typically expect;

  1. Place your order
  2. Checkout
  3. Your details
  4. Payment

So the kids chose their pizzas including some bespoke creations and we added some garlic bread. I got all the way to step 3 when I noticed something at the bottom of the screen – no delivery option available to select and a message saying ‘Ahh you live too far away for us to deliver. So pop in to collect.’ What?? ‘But I can’t collect’ I shouted at my laptop along with a number of other expletives. Well that was it then. Pizza from Dominos was cancelled. I was frustrated and the kids disappointed and it could have been such a different outcome.

If I hadn’t had a glass of wine, chances are I might have collected the food but the outlet is about a 15 minute drive into the center of town so they would have been fairly cold by the time I’d got them back. Ok the order wasn’t huge – just under £30 but it’s now very unlikely that I’ll use Dominos again especially as they don’t deliver. In a beautiful twist of irony, it was Dominos that many years ago came up with the ‘customer lifetime value’ approach!

The biggest frustration was seeming to encounter a step of the process that was in the wrong place. At the time I thought ‘why not check delivery availability right at the front end when I put my postcode in?’

In fact, in fairness to Dominos website they did as I’ve checked it again since.

On the second page it does actually say ‘collection only’ in the top right hand corner in red and I’d missed it. In part due to the fact that I looked at the left hand side where the opening hours are and a piece of text that says ‘The Store or delivery driver may call the number you provide to confirm your address’ which only added to the confusion. In the rational cold light of day, I can see that now and maybe the glass of wine I had at the time was larger than I realised! pizza_delivery

The story had a happy ending anyway, for the kids at least who got their pizza, just not from Dominos.

And the lessons?

  1. Make things absolutely crystal clear for customers who might not see what you want them too.
  2. Get someone to have a glass of wine when they beta test your website. You might get a different perspective on things!


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